Living life with my boys and my mom bun


I have been inspired! Like most people, I spend a decent amount of time on Instagram (when I’m not busy with our 3 boys, or managing our home life, or actually at work as an NICU nurse). I find it to be a little escape from the daily grind, and more than anything a place to be inspired by fashion bloggers, home decor bloggers, artists and makers.

I love pretty things and always have…beautiful homes and decor, gardening, crafts and baking but there has always been a special place in my heart for clothes. I vividly remember playing dress -up and hair salon with Barbies till I was older than I should admit, it was my favourite.  I loved putting outfits together for Barbie and struggling to give her that perfect up-do or disproportionate braid. Now as an adult, my love for dress-up has morphed into putting outfits together for myself and doing my own hair (which is slightly easier to style than Barbie’s).


Along with style inspiration, Instagram has been an amazing place to discover the body positive movement.  Learning to love and accept your body, whether your mid-size, plus-size, skinny-sized, mini-sized and everything in-between. This is a great article  explaining what living a body-positive life means – if your happy and you feel good, show it off and share it with the world.body positive

I admit, the concept of living a body-positive life is easier said than done. As a teenager, I remember having a friend who would layer 2-3 tank tops underneath her shirt in order to look heavier than she was. GURL…..I thought that was insane. All I wanted was to loose 15 lbs and here she was adding bulk?!?  Now I look back at my pics from when I was 15 and I legit think “wow, I can’t believe I thought I was fat….I would do anything to be that skinny again”. Except for me that would entail an 8 hour/day, 5 days/week workout regimen and eating like a rabbit because my metabolism is that of a sloths (hence a sloth being my spirit animal).  Regardless, I’m not interested in said regimen and I like everything in moderation….with a heavier emphasis on wine and cheese.

body positive 2

So at my wise old age of 29 (*wink *wink), I’ve decided to love my body as it is and I’ve told my inner mean girl to shut the F* up. I like the way I look and I’m tired of waiting till I lose those 15 lbs to wear an outfit. It takes a lot for me to post a pic on Instagram of myself in an outfit…my inner dialogue continues to tell me my thighs are too close together and my arms are flabby but that voice is getting quieter each time I post.

body positive 3

So cheers to my perfectly imperfect self and to loving the body I have!


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